NHS In-Service Staff

The NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme (GMTS) is open to graduates AND current NHS In-service staff.

We recognise how current NHS In-service colleagues have an experience they can rely upon in their GMTS development and can provide valuable feedback to give on how healthcare services work in practice.

Same process, same scheme

Everyone applying must have a minimum 2:2 degree, or academic equivalent, and the right to work in the UK for the duration of the Scheme – no exceptions.

We need everyone to meet this entry requirement as evidence of your academic ability so far, as academic study will be a key component of your GMTS progress.

Applying for GMTS is the same process for recent graduates and NHS in-service staff at every stage.  You will be treated and supported in the same way during the selection process and if successful, on your GMTS journey, irrespective of where you are based or on whichever specialism

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The Differences

As current NHS employees, all in-service GMTS Trainees benefit from protected terms in their existing contracts.  This means we will protect a level of in-service staff salaries and annual leave.  In-service candidates also benefit from protected pension terms.

Choice of locations

Like all applicants, NHS In-service staff can choose up to three preferred areas to complete they GMTS development.  However, we recognise that some colleagues have long established ties to certain areas due to their established NHS careers and we will consider these on a case by case basis when finalising a GMTS offer and placement. As with all candidates we ask that any relevant circumstances are declared in the GMTS application.

Terms of Employment

NHS In-service candidates must resign their current role to take up a GMTS placement, however, there may be an opportunity to arrange a secondment at your employers discretion.  This is arranged on locally agreed terms with your current NHS employer and should be confirmed in writing before any GMTS offer is made final.

Apply for the next GMTS intake

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