Overtime Claim Guide

Process Flow

  • Claimant Data – this contains a selection of un-editable fields, containing data personal to you to aid the payment of your claim.
    • Please check that this data is correct and current – if there are any issues these should be reported to Grad Enquiries ([email protected])
    • If the Data is complete and current, please continue to submit your claim.
  • Please Enter OT hours only – enter by date and with the start and finish times.
  • If your hours extend beyond midnight, please enter across two days – the system will work out the allocation of the hours automatically.
  • Once you have completed your claim you will need to press ‘Submit’.
  • Once submitted you will receive an onscreen confirmation, this will include a claim reference
  • (we advise that you take a note/screenshot of this!)
  • You will also receive a confirmation email, this will also contain your claim reference, and advise of next steps.
  • Once submitted your claim is also sent to the authorised signatory detailed on the data page at the beginning of this process – it is important this is the correct person as this approval cannot be redirected.
  • Your authorised signatory (approver) will receive an email requesting them to check and either, approve or reject your claim.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure the claim is approved on time for processing, we will endeavour to send a reminder to all trainees via GENI around one week before the cut-off.
  • Once your authorised signatory (approver) has actioned your claim you will receive an email to advise of its status – If you haven’t had an email this means your claim has not been approved and will not be processed for payment.
  • All claims that have been correctly submitted and approved before the cut-off date will be processed for inclusion on the next payroll run – Important – See cut off dates on GENI so that you know the dates as these cannot be moved, nor is there any possibility to make additional payment runs.
  • Following an internal audit of all submitted and approved claims these will be passed to the payroll team who will include these in the next scheduled payment run.

Should you have any issues on any part of the process, please contact Grad Enquiries on [email protected]