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This is my first blog for a little while, so I wanted to start by congratulating everyone who has been offered a place on the Scheme. It’s a very competitive process, as you well know, it’s a brilliant achievement to get onto it. To those that haven’t been successful this time round I want to say that you shouldn’t be too disheartened, several of my colleagues applied a couple of times, and the experience will be helpful for next time. If you’ve been placed on the reserve list you are still in a good position. I myself was placed on a reserve list initially, and one of my colleagues on the HR stream was offered a job on the scheme less than a week before it officially started.

Anyway for this entry I wanted to focus on advice for people who will be starting the scheme in September. I remember when I was offered the job I felt absolutely elated, and also scared stiff at the thought of starting my first job. I fumbled around trying to prepare for my start date and, to be perfectly honest, didn’t do a great job at all. Following that I wanted to list three easy ways that 2018 Graduates could prepare for the scheme, in addition to what the Scheme suggests.

Point 1- Find out about the Trust you’re moving to

This is a key point that the Scheme hammers home, and it really is very useful. When you start Orientation if you’ve done this you’ll understand more of what is being discussed, and it could really help you to feel part of the organisation you’re attached to. I’d suggest reading the latest CQC report and checking out the website to see what major events are going on. Of course you’ll be meeting with your Placement Manager and Programme Manager as well, and this will be another vital opportunity to find out the information you need. I’d suggest talking to them about the relationship that they envisage, and getting a concrete idea of what they expect you to be doing in the first few months. Again, this should hopefully give you a little more security before starting the Scheme.

Point 2- Think about what YOU want

This is your scheme, and for two years you have golden ticket to get involved in whatever you want. Maybe try thinking about the competencies you’re given, and the strengths and skills you’ve got now. From there you can get an idea of what skills you want to develop on the Scheme. Having that idea when you start can be really helpful in setting a clear direction for the first few months, when things are happening really quickly and it may seem hectic.

Point 3- Relax

Have some you time. This is going to be an intense couple of years, full of great challenges, and great triumphs. At times you’re going to be tired, and at times you’ll probably find it difficult. Take these months to reflect on your achievements so far, and to have bit of a rest before you start the scheme. It’ll pay off in the long run. Besides, you’ve just got through a long and demanding application process, you deserve to relax a little.

Have a nice day.

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