Flexi-Placement – A New Day Dawns

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It was with mixed emotions that I left my first placement. I would have been more than happy to spend another year there and consolidate my learning, as well as remain with my team that I had built friendships with. Particularly, when they threw a little leaving party in one of the offices and gave me such lovely gifts – the stationery set is now proudly set up on my new desk. On the other hand I was excited to be moving onto to new things and thrown into an area of work that I knew zilch about. So here I am, sneakily typing this blog on my third day, in my role at a private sector company that creates and implements software systems to the healthcare providers. Rather vague I know but essentially they are the IT infrastructure that facilitates such things as electronically sending a prescription from a ward to the hospital pharmacy, who then dispenses it and transfers it back to the ward. Much less error as no one is deciphering handwritten notes, or losing said notes, so that there is a much better quality of care and safety for the patient.

As always it is a bit nerve-wracking showing up at a place where you know no one. I was still slightly jet-lagged from my holiday to Boston, the USA one not the one in Lincoln. Although a week off was exactly what I needed to reset my energy levels. I am not actually doing anything HR related. I decided to utilise my 8 weeks to experience the perspective of private sector companies who work closely with the NHS. The fact that it is a specialist in software is also a plus, as I know that a consistent complaint of staff is that new systems are always being introduced (and not working). I wanted to see what Trusts are investing in and why. I also wanted to develop my competencies around finances, bids and tenders, as well as have ownership of a project from start to finish. One manager in particular seems keen to mentor me through this process so I am quite looking forward to this. The team in general seem really pleased to have me to help with their workload, which is promising but may also indicate higher expectations of my capabilities (?). I am not too worried, having been through this process once it bolsters your confidence a second time, and I am not scared to ask for help. Inexperience is not inability. Something to bear in mind for all the newbies heading off to their first placement. 

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