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I thought in this week’s post I will include a sample of some of the things coming up in the next 10 days:

  1. I have the Team meeting tomorrow. I am not that good yet at chairing meetings, and is something definitely I need to improve. This week will be my third time ever chairing a meeting, so let’s hope for some development in this!
  2. I have a Research Conference on Thursday and this is at a local hotel. I am really looking forward to hearing what is going on locally and nationally about this. Unfortunately the person I was going with has had to drop out and therefore it will be a good opportunity for more networking.
  3. I have one appraisal and two supervisions to do. I really enjoy the 1:1 time with the staff I work with, and I always try and allow time to give these sessions justice. As a leader, I really promote an open door policy, and I want staff to bring challenges as they happen and not wait for supervision.
  4. I have some supervision!
  5. I am doing an MSc at the moment in Integrative Health and Social Care and I have a video conference about this on Thursday evening. The current unit is around ethics and legality in healthcare and I am really enjoying it. My 4000 word essay is going to be on a patient with borderline personality disorder and diabetes type 1 and the ethics and legalities around this. I am looking a lot into the development of autonomy in people with a diagnosis of BPD – very interesting!
  6. I have a steering group meeting. Steering group meetings look at how the service is going to develop and move forward. This should be really interesting as we see where we need to focus over the next few months.

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what’s going to happen over the next week – if you have any questions please contact me via Twitter on @HSCRachel or on LinkedIn – Rachel Coldbeck

Have a good week!


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