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Hi there from London!

First of all, congratulations to all of you that have made it to the assessment centre, that is such an achievement. You should be proud of yourselves.

Following on with the ‘P’ theme of previous blogs, we have come to the 4th ‘P’ word – Projects. This word excites me, and is somewhat my reason for joining the NHS. As I enjoy projects, I made this known to my first placement and they were very good with giving me key responsibilities for project work so that I have been truly ‘hands on’.

When I was applying to the scheme, I didn’t know what my role would be or the type of work I would be doing.  NOTE: This does vary based on different placements but to give an idea of some of the transformation projects I have been a part of:

  • Pathway mapping for cancer patients, with the aim to understanding the referral process and making time efficiencies
  • IT improvements to the way referrals are processed into the hospital, with the aim of cutting time spent on admin work
  • Attempting clean sheet redesign of outpatient clinic utilisation – using patient experience as a supporting tool
  • Setting up a new multi-disciplinary meeting to capture activity, with the aim to generate income
  • Designing a training programme for new starters, to improve team performance

If some of these are what interest you then these are some of the opportunities you may have as part of the scheme!

Going back to you and your assessment centres, what is it that you really enjoy? What is it that will make you focussed and determined to get onto the scheme? The endless change and transformation opportunities are what drew me to the NHS, alongside the culture and the people. I can safely say that there are plenty of opportunities within the NHS; however it is also up to you to go look for them.

Best of luck in your assessment centres, remember to remain calm – the NHS only wants to see you be your best!

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