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In this blog post I thought I might do an acronym quiz. Acronyms are really common in the NHS and often used without clarification. The crucial thing to remember is that acronyms can have multiple meanings dependent on where you work.

Acronym quiz:

  1. BPD
  2. CQC
  3. RTT
  4. HEE
  5. E+D
  6. CQUIN
  7. IAPT
  8. PICU
  9. DTOC
  10. CCG


  1. I often see the acronym BPD in place of borderline personality disorder. Borderline personality disorder is a serious mental illness and is commonly referred to as a disorder of mood. I would recommend you read more about it as it often gets a distorted view within the media.
  2. CQC – this stands for the Care Quality Commission. The CQC are regulatory and inspection organisation for health and social care within the UK. The CQC is a great site to look at to see what outstanding actually means.
  3. Referral to Treatment – This is the 18 week waiting time and a big target within the NHS
  4. Health Education England – This is a leadership, education, training and workforce organisation which is funded by the Department of Health and Social Care
  5. Equality + Diversity – Equality is around creating a more fair society which supports everybody in it to achieve their potential. Diversity focusses on differences and similarities within the community. Equality and diversity is huge within the CQC inspection framework.
  6. Commissioning for Quality and Innovation – this is a system that was introduced in 2009 to provide a conditional income for providers. To earn this payment there must be a measured improvement in a certain area of care. These can be nationally or locally set and are focussed on areas which are typically nationally poor.
  7. Improving access to psychological therapy – IAPT started in 2008 and was focussed on providing evidence based treatment to those with mild to moderate anxiety and depression. They offered a stepped approach and offer telephone, web based, group and 1:1 treatment pathways.
  8. Paediatric intensive care unit or psychiatric intensive care unit – PICU can either be intensive support to paediatrics or psychiatry. This is where the most poorly patients are treated.
  9. Delayed transfer of care – This is when there is a delay in a patient leaving an environment even though they are ready. For example, people may be in hospital as they are awaiting a social services bed or some increased care packages at home. We all focus on ensuring that peoples discharge is thought about on admission to reduce any DTOC stays.
  10. Clinical Commissioning Group – These are the organisations which replaced Primary Care Trusts. They are statutory bodies who are responsible for commissioning health care services.

So next time you are using acronym ask yourself how easy it is to understand…


“How is the patient in PICU? I heard that CQC are looking at DTOCs within PICUs across the WM MH Trusts. Have you heard that CQC are also looking at E+D within OP clinics?”

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