What having a brew with the CEO taught me about seizing opportunities

Now I know this is a bizarre title to a blog, but I was recently reflecting a meeting I’d had […]

Learning from Failure

Hello from an (unusually) sunny Cornwall! So this is my first blog since joining the scheme around 6 months ago […]

Away from the day job

The NHS graduate scheme sets you up for a challenging, non-stop day job but also provides the tools and opportunities […]

A ‘Normal’ Working Day as an Informatics Analyst

If you’re like me, ‘Informatics’ is a word that you had never come across before, until you found yourself on […]

What do Graduate Management Trainees actually do on placement?

I helped out at some of the interview days in January; answering candidates questions about the scheme. The thing candidates […]

‘Networking’ – How do I do it!?

Hi there! I hope everyone has been staying warm and enjoying the snow! I had some time off work to […]

Being a bridge

On the second day of the Welcome Event back in September, we spent some time with current trainees in our […]

The Next 10 days

I thought in this week’s post I will include a sample of some of the things coming up in the […]

Projects, Change and Transformation

Hi there from London! First of all, congratulations to all of you that have made it to the assessment centre, […]

Is commissioning the use of technology really the first step to healthcare reform?

Advancements in technology are exciting. The idea that we can manage long-term health conditions from our smart phones, face time […]

On the Importance of Time Management

I’ve been putting off writing this blog for two weeks. It’s not because I don’t enjoy writing these blogs. I […]

Assessment Centre Advice

Hi every-one, I’d like to start by congratulating the people who will be attending an assessment centre for getting through. […]

Alert: Applications open 26 September 2022