What I Wish I’d Known

When on the scheme, a lot of lovely people will offer you advice and if you’re anything like me you’ll […]

The End is Nigh

As we enter into the boiling month of June I am firstly struggling with the heat, and secondly, struck that […]

Learning, learning and more learning

With only four months of my first placement (which has gone ridiculously quickly!) left, I have been thinking about how […]

My new placement

I know you have all been waiting with baited breath and checking this website everyday for another blog from me, […]

Flexi-Placements: What are they and how do you get one?

All trainees on the scheme organise and undertake an 8 week (4 weeks for the policy and strategy specialism) flexi-placement. […]

Partnership working with the police

As you will have seen if you have read any other trainee blogs, everyone’s role is different. An exciting opportunity […]


Hi thereCongratulations to all who have received offers from the Graduate Scheme! My fifth ‘P’ blog of the year is […]

Asking for help

Being a graduate trainee in any specialism brings a strange dichotomy. In some senses, you’re the cream of the crop, […]

Tribes and Tribalism

It has been a really busy few months for me, both on the scheme and outside of the scheme! In […]

NHS Grad: What’s in Store?

Congratulations to everyone who was given a place on the Scheme early this month! I know my HR colleague has […]

Educational Structure of the Scheme

Hi again! I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break. For this blog, I thought I would shine a light […]

Action Learning Sets

I am currently on a train travelling back from an action learning set (ALS) which I attended today along with […]

Alert: Applications open 26 September 2022