My Favourite Experiences

I am now approaching the very end of my NHS Graduate Scheme experience and in around 3 weeks will be

Acronym Quiz

In this blog post I thought I might do an acronym quiz. Acronyms are really common in the NHS and


The Graduate Scheme provides an environment where you are always learning. Shortly before leaving my first placement I did the

Advice for new starters

It is coming to the end of the first year and my first placement move is approaching….how scary is that?!

Choosing a Conference

As part of the NHS Graduate Scheme you are able to choose one conference to attend within your trainee years.

Strawberries, emails and interview paperwork!

It’s been a busy few weeks since I have last blogged. I’ve moved house, restarted my MSc unit, presented for

Tribes and Tribalism

It has been a really busy few months for me, both on the scheme and outside of the scheme! In

The Next 10 days

I thought in this week’s post I will include a sample of some of the things coming up in the

10 things in a week

Today I thought I would pick out 10 things I have done in the last week to explain to you.