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Rebecca, Policy & Strategy

Day in the life of a Policy & Strategy trainee Hi, I’m Rebecca and I’m in my final placement of […]

Anna, Health Informatics

I joined the Health Informatics specialism after studying Human Geography at university and I had little IT background, so I […]

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Kian, Finance

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to work in a job that makes a change, […]

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Georgina, HR

Day in the life of an HR trainee I am a GMTS HR trainee and have been on the Scheme […]

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Beth, Policy & Strategy

When I first started university, I was set on a career in scientific research and academia. However, I soon realised […]

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Sophie, HR

What was your motivation for applying to GMTS? I’d worked in a few different roles after leaving university and never […]

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Fran, Policy & Strategy

I am on the Policy & Strategy specialism and I started the scheme in September 2021. One of the reasons […]

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Tom, General Management

What do you actually do on the grad scheme? When I was researching graduate schemes to apply for, I was […]

Ciaran, General Management

I knew that I didn’t have the skills that would make me a great clinician, but I always wanted to […]

Finn, HR

I am on the GMTS HR program. I started in September 2021 and really enjoyed my month-long orientation getting to […]

Daisy, General Management

Without the NHS I couldn’t even consider working – they changed my life. I wanted to do a graduate scheme […]

Kemi, Health Informatics

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the GMTS programme more turbulent than I anticipated but it has also provided an amazingly […]

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