Déjà vu

The inner workings of the NHS are a mystery to large portions of the general public. Surely the NHS is […]

Making an Impact in a Limited Time

In my head, 8 weeks doesn’t seem like a very long time for a placement. To meet new colleagues and […]

Starting From Nothing

Whenever I start a new job or a new project, and even though it’s totally expected, I always feel overwhelmed […]

Flexi-Placements: What are they and how do you get one?

All trainees on the scheme organise and undertake an 8 week (4 weeks for the policy and strategy specialism) flexi-placement. […]

What do Graduate Management Trainees actually do on placement?

I helped out at some of the interview days in January; answering candidates questions about the scheme. The thing candidates […]

Time management

During my interview for the scheme I was asked to give an example how I manage my time when faced […]

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