My flexi placement at DHSC

Since the last time I wrote a GMTS blog, I’ve started – and finished! – my flexi placement. For my flexi, I […]

People = Numbers = People

Hi everyone,This month I want to write to you about experiential learning. On the scheme, small groups of trainees get […]

Wrapping Up and Moving On

I’m in the last stretch of my first placement. Being in the final month of this year long journey has […]

Taking a Lunch Break

I’ve written in previous posts how, in recent months, the scheme has overtaken every aspect of my life. Between working […]

Asking for help

Being a graduate trainee in any specialism brings a strange dichotomy. In some senses, you’re the cream of the crop, […]

On the Importance of Time Management

I’ve been putting off writing this blog for two weeks. It’s not because I don’t enjoy writing these blogs. I […]

A Day in the Life of an Informatician

This week, I had the thoroughly enjoyable experience of interviewing candidates for next year’s GMTS intake. It was wonderful hearing […]

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