Grad scheme life: 1 month down and why you should apply

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My name is Beth, I am on the Health Informatics specialism of the graduate scheme, based in Colchester, Essex. I graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Biochemistry & Genetics degree in 2016, then I went on to do an MSc in Human & Molecular Genetics. My plan was always to work in the NHS, but if you’d asked me two years ago I couldn’t have imagined not working in Genetics. Long story short, I decided life in a laboratory was not for me. I decided to apply for the NHS GMTS, so I could still contribute towards improving patient care, but in a different way. So here I am. The recruitment process is a tough one, but stay positive, be yourself and don’t let being a reserve dishearten you! I was the first reserve for Health Informatics for the assessment centre, only finding out there was a space less than 24 hours before it started. I panicked and called my Mum crying (as you do)! But now looking back, I didn’t need to panic, I knew how much I wanted the job and had a million reasons why, and that must’ve come across on the day.

I’m in the final days of orientation, and its been amazing. Everyone I’ve met has been so welcoming and supportive, giving up their time to show me their role. I’ve been to so many different departments in the trust, from the mortuary to the catering team; meeting with the CEO and shadowing doctors, nurses and occupational therapists on various wards. And can you name another graduate scheme that can give you the opportunity to do a 12-hour shift with an ambulance crew?

If you want to apply, don’t be put off by the competition or thinking you don’t have the right qualifications. Every single person on the scheme is from a different background. We have different degrees and interests, but we all have a common goal: to help with the constant improvement of the NHS so that it can provide the best patient care 24/7. If you share that goal, then maybe you should apply!

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Alert: GMTS Scheme applications are now closed for 2024 entry

Applications for 2025 entry will open on the 30th September 2024